Zac Zac

Zac Lake is a 38 year old left above the knee amputee.  Zac was an avid weight lifter and water skier, until he had an accident two years ago.  Multiple surgeries left him no choice if he was to be active again. 

Here Zac is showing his balance.  The suction grip of the gell socket gives him that confidence.

image 2 image 2

Here we check the gait and cadance of the knee.  Zac recently started participating in 5K marathons so the speed of the gait has to be set for all facets of the patients life style.

image 3 image 3
The suction and flex socket allows the patient to have more flexability at different angles which is needed in daily activities.
image 4 image 4

A gell socket allows more range of motion at the hip and knee.  The ultra light weight of the prosthetic allows Zac to be back and engage in an array of activities he likes to do.

Knowing the amputee's lifestyle goals, physical abilities, and motivational levels is an essential part of communication between the prosthetist and the amputee.

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