New knee Joint allows natural movement

In the past, the only option for a patient with a severely unstable knee was a long leg brace, called a KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis). This had a knee joint that locked in standing.  The patient could unlock it for sitting but in walking had to put up with a stiff knee. This stabilized the knee but caused an unnatural gait that resulted in hip hiking and back pain. A new knee joint made by Becker Orthopedics allows a more natural walking pattern while offering support for someone with weak or non existent quadricep strength.  The joints lock in weight bearing, but unlock when the patient moves the leg for swing phase.  So the back pain and hip hiking is lessened.  It is usually not recommended for patients with knee contractures, those who have significant knee spasticity or severe knee deformities.  Please see your orthotist for further details.

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