Figure 1 Figure 1
Bud Hill is a 40 year old bilateral below the knee amputee.  While on the job, both of his legs were severly burned, leaving scar tissue over 90% of his residual limbs
Figure 2 Figure 2
The first step is to check the fitting of the clear gel sockets on Bud's tesidual limbs
Figure 3 Figure 3
Next we checked Bud's balance and alignment by having him walk on his new flex light feet.
Figure 4 Figure 4
Then we checked Bud's range of motion and flexibility by having him repeatedly stand and squat.
figure 5 figure 5

Then we check the suction and holding of the flex gel sockets by having Bud balance on each leg.

Communication between the prosthetist and the amputee is vital to achieve success in the rehabilitation process.  This is an ongoing process that must adapt to  change in technology and change in the amputee's lifestyle.  Knowing the amputee's lifestyle goals, physical abilities, and motivational levels is essential for the prothetist to design a prothesis best suited for the amputee.

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